Twyford Recycling

We recycle vehicle tyres into high quality 20mm shredded rubber suitable for equestrian and landscaping use

Twyford Recycling

We are 100% committed to recycling and we take the hassle away from you – we will even collect your end of life tyres

Twyford Recycling

If you have waste tyres which need to be recycled then contact us today 

Environmentally Friendly

We take end of life tyres from all common sources including cars, tractors, HGVs and light commercial vehicles and recycle them at our dedicated recycling facility just off the A27 near Chichester

Quality Assured

We make sure all our rubber is recycled into 20mm chips to the highest standards possible to remove any unwanted metals or other materials from the finished product

Speciality Equestrian Surfaces

At Twyford Recycling all our crumb rubber is recycled to a grade that makes it ideal for prestigious equestrian surfaces for both arenas and schools 

Dedicated Recycling Facility

Environmentally sound recycling for equestrian surfaces

Twyford Recycling have a dedicated facility in West Sussex where we take in end of life tyres from private and commercial vehicles and recycle them into a 20mm rubber chips which form a surface that is suitable for equestrian and general gardening use. The rubber chips we make can be used for a number of other civil engineering projects as well as equestrian use and are recycled to remove any harmful metals from the material. We also pickup tyres from the local area – contact us for a free quote.

Garden Friendly

Tyre Recycling

Equestrian Use

Every single year the UK disposes of tens of millions of tyres…

Environmentally sound recycled surfaces – processed on site into wire free rubber 20mm chips for equestrian and other landscape use

Dedicated facility conveniently located off the A27 near Chichester for drop off – we also collect end of life tyres for cars and commercial vehicles

Interested? Call now on 023 9378 2775 or 07748 453918 to find out more…